Based in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia, Canada, Sterling Sentinel Group (Sterling Sentinel) has been providing perimeter and electronic security solutions since the mid-1980’s. Since 1985, Sentinel Security has provided electronic security solutions in the B.C. Lower Mainland — installing alarms, video cameras and access controls systems. In 1988, Sterling Fence was founded to manufacture, distribute and install perimeter security solutions. Since the mid 1990’s Sterling Fence has been fabricating large vehicular traffic gates and installing automated gate operators and access control systems.

Over the years we have established long-lasting relationships with many prominent customers in our community. In 1999, Sterling Fence and Sentinel Security joined together to form Sterling Sentinel Group. By uniting the two companies and adding electrical services, we aim to provide our customers today and in the future intelligently-designed seamless integrated security solutions.


The mission of Sterling Sentinel Group is to enhance the sense of freedom by helping our customers manage their security systems effectively through seamless integration. We aim to offer our customers custom designed cost effective security systems weaved together into an efficient and seamless solution, allowing them to have more freedom to manage their operations more effectively and efficiently.


Sterling Sentinel Group’s core values include mutual respect, integrity and proactivity. We value the triple bottom line of People, Profit and Planet. We are proud to be a locally owned businesses for over 20 years. In the last 10 years, we have become even more conscious about the importance of supporting our local community and economy.


Our vision is to foster a happy, diverse, versatile and highly performing community of professionals that provide smart, effective and efficient solutions for our customers to live in a more secured environment. We provide world class, local service to our customers so we can build a better world together.