Commercial Customers

Below is a case study of a situation a typical customer might face and the solution the Sterling Sentinel team could use to address their needs. Solutions may vary with different factors.


A typical commercial complex hosts many tenants within one or a few long buildings and have many employees and customers frequently entering and exiting the complex. However, employees that work into the night might not feel safe in the building or while walking across the parking lot because any one can access the complex. For the same reason, night theft and vandalism are also a concern.


All employees should feel safe and secure in their workplace. The fabricators of the Sterling Sentinel team produce beautiful aluminum or steel picket fences and ornamental gates that look great and increase security. By installing fences around the premise, it prevents intruders from freely accessing the complex. The gate can open remain during business hours and locked thereafter. This restricts access to allow only authorized people to enter and exit after hours, leaving employees feeling safe and secure from intruders and the buildings protected from night theft and vandalism.

Chain link gate
Ornamental security fence
Barrier gate
Barrier gate