Institutions & Utilities Customers

Below is a case study of a situation a typical customer might face and the solution the Sterling Sentinel team could use to address their needs. Solutions may vary with different factors.


It is common for utility organizations to use copper and or aluminum wires outdoors. These recyclable metals are valuable and can be resold to the scrap market, making utility organizations targets of materials theft. The wires might be separated by a chain-link fence to deter thieves but thieves may still be able to break in by cutting the fences wires, costing organizations thousands of dollars.


The Sterling Sentinel team can repair the existing fence, however, to prevent this situation from reoccurring, the Team recommends installing a high security fence with custom welded steel bars. These strong steel bars are welded in a pattern that prevents thieves from being able to cut through the fence with pliers, saving organizations the headache and cost of replacing stolen materials and repairing the fence.

Security fence panel
Security fence panel
Chain link cage for gas meter