By Chu WuMarch 11th, 2013

Today’s topic will be the home alarm system.

As security experts, we’re constantly asked to speak candidly
about home security systems. Are 24-hour monitored alarm systems
really needed? Do they actually work?
The answer to both of these questions is “yes”!
Just have a look at the following statistics courtesy of SGI Canada
and you’ll understand why.

• A residential break- in occurs every 90 seconds in Canada.
• More than 80 % of break-ins happen during daylight hours when
homeowners are absent.
• Criminals frequently gain access through a basement or ground
floor window or door and without the aid of specialized tools.
• A house with a 24-hour monitored security system is
significantly less likely to get broken into than home without one.

Additional Benefits to having a 24-hour monitored alarm system:

• Most insurance companies provide an insurance premium discount
to homeowners who have such a system
• Alarm systems can do more than just protect your home from
unwanted intruders. They can also be used to protect your family from
potentially fatal smoke, fire and carbon monoxide.

Is a 24-hour monitored alarm system really worth it? You bet it is.

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  • Chu Wu